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Hire Lebanese Methods

It is well known and agreed upon among all HR personnel, that it is a real head ache to hire Lebanese employees. Lack of resources or where to find them is the smallest hassle in this big burden. So suppose you found one or more, your trouble is not over yet. You need to interview, assess, eliminate, and choose the best. And bear in mind, that the consequences of your choice will hunt you as long as that employee is still in your firm.

Hire Lebanese Resources

What will follow is a brief listing and comparison among possible sources of your potential resources. In other words, to hire Lebanese, from where could you get that specific special person who will be capable of doing the job perfectly?

Hiring Lebanese at Job Fairs

You book a stand in a job fair and go there to hire Lebanese talent, the best of them you hope. But the first disappointment will be the huge bulk of people rushing at you, overqualified, under qualified all ages, all kinds of degrees. You feel you are totally lost and have no time to get that first impression that will help you select the top X list. The nightmare is not over yet; you go back to your office with tons of C.V’s and start screening. That will take probably months. But what if you have a demanding BOSS that has only six words to tell you: I WANT TO HIRE LEBANSE NOW!!!

To be fair however, Job fairs are good for your future quests to hire Lebanese, as they nourish your database with lots of candidates fitting all future possible vacancies. Also they are good if you are hiring a large amount of people at the same time.

Hire Lebanese through newspapers ads

OH! You have had it with job fairs, you come back traumatized from your exposure to that rush of people, and think to yourself, am going for newspaper ads, although it’s an old fashion way but it will sure help me in my “Hire Lebanese” mission. Well, you place your carefully composed job announcement and wait…….and wait, and then after some period of time a couple of people call one of them to inquire more about the vacancy and the other is simply under qualified. To cut a long story short, newspaper ads are used only by people looking for craftsmanship jobs, if that’s what you are looking for go ahead and do it.

Hire Lebanese through Recruitment Agencies

That’s it, I am calling a recruitment agency, I don’t care if they charge high, but after all its their profession and they will sure help me. Fair enough, you give them a ring and confidently say: “I want to hire Lebanese people, real good, low salary, must know this and this and this, and have good personality and communication skills, etc…”. Well guess what, sorry to disappoint you, but they don’t have ready made people sitting on shelves and waiting for you to come and order them. They have already gone through what you saw at that job fair. More realistically, they would try to convince you with what they have; “a small mismatch in the skill here is not very significant, nobody is perfect” they will tell you. Oh yes, they will, that’s the Lebanese way and you want to hire Lebanese.

Hire Lebanese through Acquaintances and PR

You desperately pick the phone and call your network of employees and acquaintances, explaining what characteristics you are exactly looking for to hire Lebanese. “I have just the perfect match” one of them replies, the next day you get a couple of candidates already in your trust circle and already well tested, you choose between them and voilà your expedition to hire Lebanese is over.

Hire Lebanese Website

Bookmark our site for the latest and the most up-to-date information about the job market in Lebanon, especially if you are looking to hire Lebanese.

Hire Lebanese

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Hire Lebanese

Hire Lebanese Today!

Hire LebaneseLebanese Individuals are talented, trustworthy, and they often have a lot of skills, yet they offer good value for the money. If you want to hire Lebanese talents, whether freelancers or employees, you’ve come to the right place.

Hire Lebanese Website specializes in offering companies looking to hire Lebanese individuals hundreds of possibilities in terms of profiles matching exactly the company needs in terms of skills, experience and salary expectations. Also, Hire Lebanese provides the kinds of profiles and talents that are not available elsewhere, especially on the web, because if you need an IT person, you’ll most probably find a good profile on the web, but if you’re looking for some skills and talents that has nothing to do with the world wide web or the internet, you won’t likely find any matching profile on any website.

Traditional Hire Lebanese Methods

Companies looking to hire Lebanese individuals usually use the following methods:
– They ask their employees or their contacts about someone they know in the field they are looking to hire in
– They post their job vacancies or needs on their websites
– They post some employment ads in the local newspapers or the electronic newspapers
– They contact employment companies and ask them to provide them with their specific needs
– They subscribe to an online employment website plan to check or contact the online profiles available

Ad papers like wasseet has been particularly popular in the past 10 years because they were able to provide companies, shops and establishments with the low level talents they needed, and that usually aren’t available online, but in spite of what may look, and although wasseet is the only possibility for companies and individuals to hire specific kinds of skills, posting an ad in wasseet will likely lead to 5 to 10 calls in all from all kinds of backgrounds and curiosity seekers in a single week, especially if the ad is a classified one. What Hire Lebanese website will propose as opposed to that is the access to low level profiles and a possibility to contact these profiles immediately without the need to formulate an ad, put an ad in the paper and wait for the calls.

As for the qualified profiles, that is the profiles with lots of experience and skills that are sought after for specific jobs, and that are currently fulfilled online by employment websites, Hire Lebanese website will also cater for them, and will allow companies looking for these kinds of profiles to search for them seamlessly, and make job candidates fill specific qualifying questionnaires before proceeding with the employment process.

New Way to Hire Lebanese at our Website

At Hire Lebanese, we don’t pretend to be the only employment website available, but our guarantee of quality is that all posted profiles are up-to-date because all profiles that are not updated regularly are removed, to allow companies and hiring establishments to get directly to the point and instead of browsing 100s of old and meaningless profiles, to only see what is currently available.

As a new employment website, we do not have millions of profiles catering for all kinds of talents and from all backgrounds, we only target Lebanese individuals, and thus we provide you with the most relevant Lebanese profiles, so if you’re looking to hire Lebanese, you can get what you want immediately, as opposed to browsing hundreds of profiles from around the world, and finding nothing that corresponds to your needs.

We have very specific methods and plans to attract the latest talents on the job market, and to allow individuals to post and update their profiles in an easy way, which will in turn make relevant profiles available online for the companies looking to hire Lebanese.

Hire Lebanese Website Features

For the head hunters and the companies that provide employment services to companies, we offer special plans that will allow them to browse and search the Hire Lebanese website profiles, and save their searches, as well as subscribe to newsletters with the latest talents available.

In addition to the English interface of the website, individuals that post their profiles or their resumes can do it in as many languages as they want, including Arabic, thus companies looking for individuals that are really proficient in a given language can do it very easily.

As of today, the blog part of the website is made available. Within the coming two weeks, the job profiles and employment engine will also be available, and free for use for both the companies looking to hire Lebanese, as well as for the Lebanese individuals or residents looking for a job. This will remain like this probably for the next couple of months, so be on the lookout for our employment engine and the job profiles engine that will be available shortly. If you want to be informed as soon as the engine is available, please do not hesitate to subscribe to our feed, or send us an email at info@hirealebanese.com.
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